Our brand


Our brand personality is driven by our mission and values. It guides our look, feel, and voice in the market.

The three brand personality archetypes which best represent DRG were chosen from twelve industry-recognized archetypes. The characteristics of these should shine through in all of our customer-facing communications and content.

The Lover

Creates unity and trust

Our brand promise is fulfilled when we help our customers find success through our relationship. We strive to ensure that our customers feel valued and heard when we work together.

The Magician

A catalyst for change

We are curious, charismatic, and visionary. We drive innovation. Our customers feel like they are ahead of the curve when they work with us.

The Sage

A quest for understanding and answers

Sage-like qualities embodied by the DRG brand are expertise, problem-solving, thoroughness, and truth-seeking. We want our customers to feel educated and confident when working with us.