Our brand


Our voice reflects our brand personality and design principles.

In marketing and sales materials, our voice emphasizes partnership through collaboration. It is a conversational tone that is knowledgeable and aspirational while remaining approachable. Whenever possible, we speak directly to our audience, relying heavily on pronouns like “we, our, you, and your.”

In our deliverables, our voice conveys expertise. Our language is academic and data-forward with clear citations and proof points. 

To promote clarity, we take care to limit our use of long sentences. To inspire trust, we avoid making unsupported and adjective-heavy promotional claims.

In our content the use of our company name, Decision Resources Group, is always spelled out in the first usage in a document, and in all headlines where space permits. The first instance of “Decision Resources Group” is always tagged with the trademark symbol.

Our voice is

  • Professional
  • Clear
  • Friendly
  • Charismatic
  • Genuine
  • Sincere
  • Courteous
  • Intelligent
  • Factual

Our voice is not

  • Condescending
  • Verbose
  • Humorous
  • Generic
  • Artificial

Do’s and Don’ts

Do write a compelling, personal message

As a sales or account manager, you need evidence to feel confident you’re spending your time where it’s needed most.

You can rely on our wealth of data, advanced analytic methodologies, and focused analyses to show you where the greatest potential lies among specific health networks, facilities, and providers,

Don’t make unfounded, impersonal claims

Our best-in-class data stack and innovative methodologies enable teams to go beyond traditional volume-based analyses.

Uncover opportunities not seen by other vendors, and enable your sales team to focus on the right networks, facilities, and providers with the greatest potential to drive commercial success and patient outcomes.