Visual identity


Our icon style is light, sophisticated, and friendly, complementing our brand personality.

We use a simple outline style for our icons. We avoid cartoon-like imagery so that our tone stays serious and professional while remaining approachable.

When to use icons

Use icons to improve visual interest, grab the user’s attention and help guide users while they’re navigating a page or document. Balance the use of iconography to avoid over-use and overwhelming viewers. Icons should used to make a point, and not as ornamentation. Take care to use iconography to highlight, rather than distract from, key information on the page.

Our icon set

For general use

We have licensed the Artco Pixel Perfect 64×64 icon set for general use across print and online. Here are some examples, but you can browse the full icon set in our resources area.

For user interfaces

The Artco icon set is too detailed to use at smaller sizes in our website’s user interfaces. Therefore, for any user interface elements please use the FontAwesome Light icon set. This is built into our DRG Boostrap design system for ease of use. You can browse the full icon set at the Font Awesome website, but here are some examples:

Creating your own icons

If you cannot find a specific icon that matches your needs, you can create your own, but please emulate the general style, level of detail and stroke weight of the Artco and FontAwesome sets.

Once you have created a new icon please send it through to for approval. If it matches our guidelines, then it will be integrated in to our resources area for use by everyone across the group.