Visual identity


The DRG brand, with its logo as the flagship visual brand element, is the unifying expression of our collected products and services.

Our logo plays an important part of how we present ourselves. No alterations should ever be made to the logo. Do not utilize the logo mark “DRG” without the “Part of Clarivate” text underneath. Always use approved electronic artwork which is available to download here.

Color variations

Full color

Use on white or light backgrounds.


Use on dark backgrounds.


Use when the final output will only be printed in one color.

Exclusion zones

There should always be adequate space around the DRG logo to provide clarity. The minimum space around the logo should be equal to half the height of the logo.

Minimum sizes

To ensure that the “Part of Clarivate” text in the logo is readable the height must be at least 1 inch for print materials or 40 pixels online.

Incorrect use

Don’t remove the text

Don’t change the color

Don’t stretch

Don’t change the shape

Don’t size too small

Don’t rotate

Product & services logos

DRG products and services are how we deliver customer solutions. They have names, but are not singular brands in the life sciences market, and therefore do not have unique logos that are distinct from the main DRG logo. Examples of our products and services include:

  • Manhattan Research Portfolio
  • Health-Leaders Interstudy Profiles
  • Millennium Research Portfolio
  • Fingertip Formulary Suite
  • Managed Market Surveyor Suite
  • Global Consulting Services
  • Procedure Finder
  • Learning

Always use the standard DRG logo when producing materials for a specific product or service. The name of the product or service can be used in the text of the page, but it should never be designed to look like it is a logo.