Visual identity


Photography helps to visually ground our content in the current realities of the global healthcare ecosystem. 

Our style

Our clients use our solutions to understand what is happening in real-world situations and inform realistic strategies for commercial success. Therefore our photography style reflects this by conveying authentic real life situations. Our photographs should look as if the subject has been captured “in the moment .” The color, composition and feel should engage viewers and make them feel like they’re in the photo.


As most of our photography is sourced from stock libraries, photographs often have different tones. Some minor adjustments to the photos can be made to promote consistency of tone. Start by removing 25% saturation of the original photo. Then place a 50% DRG Purple Soft Light layer over the photo before exporting for use. By doing this and following our do’s and don’ts, our photographs will have the correct real-world feel and look consistent.

Our photo library

We have a range of approved photographs in our resources area. Always search here first to try and find a photograph. If you cannot find anything suitable then you can source a photograph from a stock library, but always follow our do’s and don’ts.

Do’s and don’ts for choosing a photo

Do use photos with strong lighting and narrative, and a real-world feel

Don’t use photos that are obviously posed or feel staged

Don’t use conceptual photos of objects

Don’t use photos that look fake and have been ‘photoshopped’

Background textures

As well as standard photos, we also have a range of pseudo-scientific background textures that can be used in our materials. These have be adjusted and coloured so that text can be placed over them. A range of these are available to download in our resources area.