Visual identity


Our choice of typefaces and the way we present words on a page plays a key part in presenting our core brand characteristics.


Our primary font family is Avenir Next – a clean and friendly typeface that is easy to read. Where possible, it should be used for on all Decision Resources Group branded material. Avenir Next comes in eight different weights, but we tend to use the following four in our materials.


Avenir Next Regular

Use for the main body text.


Avenir Next Medium

Use when slightly more emphasis needs to be added to body text.


Avenir Next Demi Bold

Use for subtitles, lower level headings and labels.


Avenir Next Bold

Use for page titles and headings.

It is not always practical to use the Avenir Next font family, especially with materials that rely on the recipient having the font files installed on their device. This includes emails, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. In these instances the Arial font family should be used instead.

Arial Regular

Use for the main body text.

Arial Bold

Use for page titles and headings.


One of our key design principles is to create clarity from complexity. The way that we organise our typefaces together on a page should reflect this. Always create a typographic hierarchy through size, scale, color, and contrast in order to make our content clear and easy-to-read.

Tips for creating a clear typographic hierarchy

  • Use font size and weight to make the title is the most prominent text on the page
  • Put clear space between items to separate them and guide the viewers eye down the page
  • For body text, make sure the leading / line-height is set at 1.5 times the font-size to improve readability

An unclear typographic hierarchy

A clear typographic hierarchy

Letter casing

A key part of our brand characteristics is to be viewed as a partner to our clients. We want our visual style reflect this by being friendly and approachable. The use of letter casing within typography can help with this.

Rules on letter casing

  • Always use sentence case – where you capitalize the first letter of the sentence (and any proper nouns) – for page titles and headings. It looks casual, clean and improves readability.
  • Avoid excessive use of all capital letters – especially in titles and subtitles – as it can be perceived as shouty and unfriendly.
  • All capital letters can be used for things such as labels, buttons, kickers (small piece of text before a main heading). But it should not be used for more than two to three words and never exceed multiple lines.

All capital letters for titles and headings

Sentence case for titles and headings

Font pairing

When using typography creatively in brochures, adverts or banners, our standard typeface Avenir Next can be paired with Roboto Slab in order to create more visual interest.

Roboto Slab can only ever be paired with Avenir Next and should never be used on its own or a replacement for Avenir Next.

Roboto Slab not paired with Avenir Next

Roboto Slab paired with Avenir Next